Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate: 140410 - Supplemental

Location: SS Astraios

I just had a meeting with Wolfton. He has placed his build crew on R&R during the investigation of the sabotoge of the USS Prophetic. The hanger in which the ship was being constructed was badly damaged, as well as the central computer core of the vessel itself. The technology used to bomb the Prophetic and facility is of mixed origin, further examination by science and engineering may tell us more. It seems apparent those we have in custody do not belong to any known anti-Starfleet faction, they are more likely mercenaries who have been well paid for their actions.

Wolf requested that he be placed in charge of a small Task Force to carry out further investigation and follow the clues that may lead to the real perpetrators of this mischief. I agreed.

My next task is distasteful to me. I have to question the members of our security and marine details who were on duty during the night, and find out where they were deployed and where Cmdr Herrera was during their shifts. Perhaps everything is above board but the fact I was not informed about an act of sabotoge at my Colony immediately after it occurred is enough for me to question Herrera's abilities to carry out the job assigned to him. I've got him confined to quarters at the moment. My Yeoman is compiling the security roster and arranging appointments. I meet with the first one in 15 minutes.


This is all we need.