Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate: 140412 - Supplemental

Location: SS Astraios

It occurs to me I really don't have an office at our Welcome Centre. It's all very well to beam people up here so they can get a glimpse of the might and strength of this huge Hellenic space station. But since most people live on the ground, and can't see the station from the planet... hmmmm. We have two issues. The need to be more omnipresent on the surface.... and the need to grow more food for our Colony. Replicators are okay to a point. In my chat with Mr Pookara I talked about the land we have and what we are using it for... and Hars has been quite enthusiastically learning more about Astraionian agriculture. I have a germ of an idea. I will do some research and then speak to my Colony Chief Engineer.

The next Astraionian Council meeting is slated for 140415.1300. I hope I hear more from Wolf before then. I want to speak at Council about the bombing and how it is an indication of the lack of respect towards Astraios as a whole and this is a good example of the types of things that could happen more frequently if they do not change their minds about permitting certain trading partners a presence on the planet.

Still no word from USS Neil Armstrong. As we go about our daily tasks and deal with the issues here at home, they are in our hearts and minds.