Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate: 140414

Location: SS Astraios

The dreaded Council meeting is slated for tomorrow. I have to reframe my mind and my attitude. Present the facts - and there are many - that support our point of view. I just can't believe that some Council members think it would be good to allow Klingon and Dosi a voice in Astraionian affairs. What's next, the Dominion? Cardassians?? Pfff.

In the meantime I've been working with my Yeoman on SitRep reports and with StratOps on the deployment of the fleet. Most of this information is top secret and the full strength of our fleet and their positions is known to only a few.

Thus I had again to deal with the issue of Mr Ferrara. With Capt Barbosa away on the Armstrong, I have to have someone else handle Colony Security. I interviewed LTcmdr July Bradford, she's been a team leader for several months. She writes excellent, thoughtful reports full of detail and isn't afraid to mention the performance of her subordinants - good and bad - in those reports. She also seems to have a handle on the Astraionian culture and traditions, a bit of an amateur anthropologist, it seems. I like that. She seems sensible so we have agreed she will step up as Acting Colony Chief Security for a period of three months and if I am happy with her performance it will become permanent.

I am a little tired of PADDs, charts, and computer projections. Supper. Maybe a green salad from my own little garden and a walk in the sunset.