Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate: 140416

Location: SS Astraios

I spent the morning with my Yeoman going over the draft star charts of the adjoining sectors. Mr Farrell has a few notes for the chartist, overall the maps look lovely with wonderful graphics but it is also important that the distances be accurate.

I am also waiting reports from the Angola and Arcos, currently remapping the Takaar Nebula. When my crew was searching for the Argonaut a few months ago we noticed that the Nebula had expanded significantly, even encompassing a system that was previously over two light years distance from its rimward edge. That is of grave concern as the outer envelope of the anomaly may one day reach either Treman or Astraios, or both... this could lead to all sorts of issues. First we need information.

I see the Davy-Crockett is preparing for its day in the media spotlight tomorrow, I hope things go well for them. It's a sturdy frigate and well designed, built here in our shipyards which makes it extra special to the crew.

This evening we received a subspace message from the Marco Polo, now nearly 70 light years coreward of us, the warp signature of the USS Neil Armstrong is faint but they are following it at best possible speed.... *sighs*