Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate: 140417

Location: SS Astraios

The Pegh made their appearance in the early morning. With the main Colony area under rebuild, I was able to remove the Klingon vessel further afield. They landed and their representatives have been escorted to Diplomatic Quarters prior to their appearance at Council, however, that was delayed as a representative of Treman had the floor. The Pegh will speak first tomorrow. I shall be there.

I shall spend an hour with my Communications Officer, going over some basic Klingon. We of course have the universal translator, but I believe it shows strength to speak directly to a Klingon in their language.

The Davy Crockett had a good flight today, all the news outlits had the story.

Tonight I attend an Official Dinner hosted by the Astraionian Civilian Authority. I shall be pleased to be there. I am not sure whether I'll wear Mess Dress or something formal. Perhaps being out of uniform would be good for a change. I shall focus on talking with friends and acquaintances about the current situation, although it is a celebration, it's also a good time to touch base with those I know about the potential outcomes should the Council vote to allow the Pegh and the Dosi a seat on the Council and land for a base.