Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate: 140418

Location: SS Astraios

We have received a brief message from Captain Foulsbane, with particulars as to his position and present course of action. He has also mentioned an anomalous cloud that the ship encountered, which affected systems whilst the vessel was inside it. Sensors also could not penetrate the cloud when the ship was approaching or leaving. They have taken samples and will study it, and have passed the coordinates to us. I am curious as to the make-up and trajectory of this cloud. I will dispatch one of our science vessels to examine it as soon as they have finished their resupply.

This afternoon is the Council meeting in which the Klingon Pegh will give their reasons for the establishment of trade treaties, a Council seat, and land on the northern continent so they may establish a base and home for their families. I will be studying their words and their documentation very closely.

In other news Hars had a follow-up appointment at the Majel hospital and it appears that he is still improving, although nothing was said from the look on his face I think he knows deep inside that he will not be able to return to active duty. There is only so much they can do. He does not speak of it much but I know he is still sometimes haunted by the fact that his crew turned against him and attacked him. Of course they were under alien influence, and he knows that intellectually, but still, the memories of those faces he trusted looking at him with hate... how I detest the Spouwwqna, even today. I hope the last one did die in the Takaar Nebula.

A shocking thing for one such as me, who values the living entity so highly. I think I have changed since coming here. Not so gentle anymore. Whether that is good or bad... I can't say. It's just necessary.