Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate: 140419

Location: SS Astraios

Today I had the pleasure of being invited to a garden party in the Colony where several of our Starfleet families reside. There are several Terran parents and besides the usual food, drink and chatter, there was an extra excitement for the children, as they had to search for candy hidden around the yard. I was unfamiliar with this custom but, judging by the smiles from parents and offspring, it was a delightful part of the celebration that they call Easter.

I spent the rest of the afternoon in the garden, and came in, hands dirty from good earth and face warmed by the sun, satisfied with my days labours.

Oh, I should note that the Pegh again was delayed in speaking as the prior party with the floor had not yet completed his remarks. As boring as it might be to listen to, watching the increasing frustration of a Klingon had a certain charm. They will now speak Tuesday. I ordered more security for the colony's bars *grins