Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate: 140420

Location: SS Astraios

All has been eerily quiet, I can't help thinking it's the calm before the storm. I think I am unused to relaxing. There is always something more to be done. But today was declared a 'holiday' for some of my crew, who either come from Earth or have a relationship to it. For the Astraionians, it is just another day... they had their spring celebration a couple of weeks ago, at the festival they call 'Robstock'.

But this put me in mind that our yearly military ball is just 4 or 5 weeks away. It is traditionally a masked ball, to which anyone may come in formal costume. I checked and we have already organized the music and food. Soon invitations must be sent. Which puts me in a quandary... do I diplomatically invite Council and potential Council members. I suppose I have to, although the thought of a Klingon in fancy dress! Pfff.

The ball is something I have always enjoyed with my crew, since the very first one four years ago. If the Neil Armstrong does not return before then, I am afraid I will not have a very good time. I can smile, but I cannot truly celebrate while those who have served with me may be in danger. Since we are still without any word from them, the concern over their fate grows.