Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate: 140421

Location: SS Astraios

After this morning's briefing I had another brief lesson in Klingon. I've never considered myself a linguist, however during my travels I often picked up a few words or sentences in the languages around me. My teacher says I am doing well but, then, she is human so, I hope she is right.

Then a briefing with science, going over the data received from USS Angola and USS Arcos, who have been doing an intensive study of the Taakar Nebula. There is no doubt the Nebula is growing, expanding far beyond its borders of three years ago. They tell me that any anomaly will change in shape and size over time, however, it seems this expansion, so large and so fast, is entirely abnormal compared to other similar anomalies. At present there is no answer to the question why, but there are some very real concerns about the larger mass drifting into inhabited star systems. Such a cloud could affect the star's light, thereby agriculture; the Nebula is notorious for affecting systems; and lastly, if there are any Spouwwqna living in it... lives could be in danger. I am establishing a task force to investigate this further, to be led by the USS Uralia, our Science vessel, as soon she returns from her current deployment. The TNTF is to use all available technology to assess the reasons for the Nebula's growth as well as to study various means to contain it.

I have scheduled a brief meeting with Mr Pookara of the Astraionian Civilian Authority after lunch, to apprise him of this report and allay any concerns he might have. We shall also speak of the Council and the strategies we might use to sway the vote our way.

Later this afternoon, a briefing with Security on the situation with the Klingon Pegh, and results of the investigation to date on the sabotage of the USS Prophetic.

A formal dinner to follow, the Northern Community Farming Cortel has invited Senior Officers to a spring buffet. A good time to practice my Astraionian. I should contact my Yeoman right now to ensure I have a gift to take, it's considered rude to come to someone's home without an offering. I was thinking perhaps some bolts of fine cloth, as I hear their seamstresses are very well respected. I shall wear the usual Dress Bs, I suppose. Mess Dress with the sword might be a bit overkill *chuckles

With all these dinners, lunches and breakfasts - everyone, it seems, wants to feed me - I better add another half a mile to my morning run.

Computer, set alarm for oh-five-fifteen hours from now on.