Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate: 140422

Location: SS Astraios

This morning, after my run and breakfast, an extra long briefing with Senior Officers and Yeoman to ensure all departments are running smoothly. Then our monthly "Town Hall", a meeting of UFS officers and crew, where anyone may ask questions or make suggestions. I began by welcoming three new Ensigns to the Astraios family, they all seem bright and eager, it is good to see that kind of interest and passion, although the longer-serving officers feel the same as the new ones, those bright pips and the spring in the step of someone who has just earned that uniform, brings a smile to the faces of us all. We had a good discussion with lots of input from everyone there, including some of the crew of the Davy Crocket as well as SS Astraios.

After thanking everyone for coming and dismissing them, I reminded them of the "Boogie" -- the weekly dance we host for the Community at 1200 hours. It is held at the new "Shuttle Bay Club" only a short walk from where the Town Hall took place, and was about to begin. I walked over and spoke with some of our guests before returning to duty. At 1400 the dreaded Council meeting, this time the Klingon Pegh had its turn and spoke at length, sometimes in Federation English and sometimes in Klingon. The Council concluded its day at 1700 hours and, in my opinion, the Klingon had said nothing of any importance after those three long hours. The Council sits again Thursday, and the Pegh still has the floor.

This evening I made dinner for some friends, just a simple vegetarian meal with steamed vegetables from my own garden as well as some I had received as a gift from the Farming Cortel, served with a delicious sauce and some fresh baked bread. I usually eat only raw or steamed foods, but I admit I have grown very fond of breads and buns... another reason to run an extra half mile in the mornings!

After we tidied up, Hars and I sat in the garden, watching the sun set and the moon grow silver, speaking of nothing important, just enjoying the peace at the end of the day.