Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate: 140423

Location: SS Astraios

Today after the morning routines of personal routines and overnight status report, I took a flight with one of our runabouts and a young officer, to tour the northern continent more thoroughly. Maps and pictures are one thing but when you fly over and see the topography I think you get a greater appreciation for this planet and its beauties. I have heard there are thousands of Minshara class planets, I have visited quite a few and each is certainly individual in its flora and fauna. I wanted this vision of Astraios Prime in my mind as I sit in Council. It is important yes, the Prime Directive, yet, at the same time, we surely want the population to be safe and happy. They cannot be so if there is damage to the environment by unhealthy practices. I am concerned about those on the Council who appear to place profit above quality of life for the inhabitants.

This evening has nothing scheduled, I look forward to a quiet evening without the need for conversation or diplomacy. Unless I talk to my flowers.