Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate: 140424

Location: SS Astraios

Today was shot to hell by unexpected problems that radically changed my usual schedule. I ended up in a long meeting with a member of the Astraionian Council, who had several complaints about the way Starfleet does what it does, I had to hold firmly to my diplomatic training and in the end things were resolved to my satisfaction however the work in this respect must still be ongoing as he was clearly under the influence of others unfriendly to us, and had been fed some misinformation in order to sway his vote on the Council against us. By the time I freed myself from this, I was running 40 minutes late. After some work to catch up and a very short lunch it was time for the second Council meeting of the week and the Klingon Pegh still had the floor. Although the rules state a speaker may have the floor until they are finished and may not be interrupted, I objected twice to what was being said, as the topic of our Colony was addressed in a derisive manner and I felt that was also against the rules. Facts, yes. Snide remarks, no. Each time the Klingon was admonished and accepted this with a nod of her head but a smirk on her face.

When all this was over I felt rather worn out. I took a walk by the ocean and tried to put politics out of my mind for a time. Now I make a simple meal and plan a quiet night.