Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate: 140425

Location: SS Astraios

Politics over for the week, I was able to focus again on SS Astraios and the Colony proper. I began the morning as usual, with a run around the community lands, a way to exercise, get fresh air, and enjoy being on solid ground before the routine aboard the station. After solar shower and a quick breakfast in my quarters, to Operations Deck to receive the overnight reports from the Communications Officer and speak to the Operations Chief about the status of the station. Then a short meeting in the Ops briefing room with Senior Officers.

In my ready room, a conversation via subspace with the CO of the USS Colossus concerning the Naasirkhan Colony. The linguists aboard have made some headway in translating the language but in many ways it is like Tamarian: if you don't understand the reference, the words make no sense.

Then a longer meeting with Tactical and StratOps at Mission Control, about the deployment of the fleet and the issues we currently face. Although our mission has always been a scientific and diplomatic one, the pressures on us here require vigilance. We have some excellent charts of the systems and sectors around us, they are good tools for understanding the situation and planning solutions.

Since it was Friday, I took lunch in the Mess Hall with members of the crew. Mr. Marrxa made a wonderful vegetarian soup, I enjoyed it with a fresh baked bun, very delicious indeed. Oh, and it was Ensign Krepot's birthday, so a large cake was served. I wished her many happy returns and allowed myself a small slice of cake. Chocolate, they call it. I call it addictive.

This afternoon was spent dealing with several enquires... some from civilians, some from crew. Although my Yeoman handles much of the day to day questions and concerns, I like to have my door open for an hour or two a week. Sometimes it's a homesick Ensign, or a Lieutenant who is wondering if they chose the right branch, or a civilian who is talking about entering the Academy but is yet unsure. I had three short meetings with different officers, and then was pleased in my final meeting of the day, to be asked to perform a wedding ceremony in June for one of the junior science officers. Of course I said yes, and I look forward to being part of such a happy event.

Our family is truly growing. Some transfer here, some go through Academy here, and some now have families. As private a being as I can be, this is something I do like to see and enjoy.