Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate: 140426

Location: SS Astraios

This morning I attended a social event we hold each Saturday in order to create relationships with the Community. We hosted today a reception for new members of the Colony and the nearby towns. I was able to break away from my usual morning routine to attend for a half-an-hour and meet some new faces. Afterwards I had a brief meeting with one of my Senior Officers about an upcoming mission, and then continued on with my day.

I met with the Operations Chief to discuss the communications arrays and their placements within the nearby Sectors... one is being interrupted by the advancing edge of the Taakar Nebula and needs to be moved to a more hospitable spot. We agreed to send a runabout with a small team to tractor it to a new location 2 light years from the rimward edge of the anomaly.

I had invited the Acting Colony Chief Security as well as the SS Astraios Security and Tactical Chiefs, and the Intelligence liaision, to a private lunch in my ready room at 1200hrs. Mr. Marrxa served some of his delicious homemade soup, a salad, rolls, and some kind of concoction they call mousse... flavoured with chocolate. It was a light meal, but very enjoyable, and our business was easily discussed. It gave me satisfaction to see the smiles and camaraderie between my Senior Officers, and afterwards, as we drank our Raktajino or Earl Grey, and nibbled on some fruit, we concluded the meeting with an agreement that, if possible, we should do this once a month.

After going over the draft of my Monthly Service Report, and dealing with some further paperwork, I was able to escape work by 1400 hours. I contacted the Operations Deck and gave the Senior Officer the conn, and declared myself on off duty until 1000 hours the following day.

Thus my afternoon will be spent tending my flowers and vegetables, and enjoying the fresh air and sun.... I recently purchased a wooden flute in the market, and, if no one is around, I may practice playing it... I do not wish to subject anyone to my squeaks and squawks! Dinner with friends in the town, and a walk home in the moonlight, are all that I have planned for the evening. Perhaps tomorrow I might even skip the morning run and sleep in until 0600 - a luxury *smiles*