Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate: 140427

Location: SS Astraios

Morning briefing at 1000 hours brought no news of the USS Neil Armstrong. Subspace messages from the USS Marco Polo say they are continuing along her trail but it is getting fainter and they suspect she might have used a transwarp conduit to move into another area of space. They have sent communications buoys and probes in all directions to try to find more data or relay signals. We only have some sketches of the Iconian artefact the Armstrong took with them. It was impossible to take images of it because of the strange energy it emitted. The Marco Polo has copies of the sketches but without the artefact itself, they have no 'divining rod' to led the ship in the right direction.

Scientific investigation into the expansion of the Taakar Nebula continues, I hope for a complete report with recommendations by the end of the week.

The mission to move a communications array to a new location is underway, several fourth year cadets were taken on that mission as a training exercise, I decision I applaud as service in the field is an excellent learning device.

Various other reports from the planet and the Sector. There are apparently some grumblings from Treman again, we await further details from Intelligence when they are able to get an encrypted signal to us. A message from Wolf as well, apparently his investigation into the sabotage of the Prophetic is not bringing much in the way of results to date.

I have decided to take a short trip to the Naasirkhan Colony for a diplomatic dinner to be held this Tuesday evening. I shall take my Yeoman and the Acting Colony Chief Security, leaving at noon tomorrow, and rendezvous with the Colossus by noon on Tuesday. The USS Hideki Yukawa is leaving space dock for sector patrol and will drop us off, I shall enjoy the trip as I have not spent any time aboard this vessel before. Colony Chief Operations will have the conn in my absence, and of course I will be available by subspace as well. Hars will check on my garden, but I don't imagine I'll be gone more than three days. There is an event on the USS Davy Crockett this Thursday I would like to attend if duties permit.

This afternoon is set aside for a meeting with engineering personnel from the station and the colony, to discuss the current infrastructure in the Colony proper and look over plans for suggested installations to assist with providing space for our activities and the growing of food.

Then this evening, a special event to do with the Astraionian spring, we all go to the hilltop on the northside of the main townsite, where a meadow has been set up with tables for food and drink. There is music and singing, and everyone watches the sunset, and then stands waiting quietly for the arrival of the first full moon of spring. As the moon passes the horizon, an Elder begins to sing... It's really quite moving and beautiful to hear the song in the original language, they call it "Singing the Moon". The tides tonight will be extremely high. It's considered a blessing if the sky is clear and the moon glitters on the water... and if the moon turns the rocks along the shore into silver as it rises... it means it will be a fruitful year.