Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate: 140428

Location: USS Colossus

The trip from SS Astraios to the Colossus, in orbit around one of the planets in the system we have charted as FGC-5061382, approximately 17 LY rimward of the Astraios System, went well. I must say slipsteam drive is almost too fast, I want to slow down and enjoy the scenery sometimes. The USS Hideki Yukawa treated us well for the trip, offering refreshments when we came aboard, and then a tour of the vessel, ending on the bridge to watch as we exited the system and increased speed. Then a lunch in the officer's mess and a leisurely afternoon in the holodeck resting on a beach, and also going over some Naasirkhan phraseology in preparation for the evening. We beamed to the Colossus by 1800 and had time to see our quarters and change to appropriate attire before beaming down to the Colony.

I have always been struck by the extreme cleanliness and excellent designs of Naasirkhan ships and their Colony is no different. Of course last time I was here it was under very sad circumstances and I must admit my heart was in my throat as we moved from the beam down point, on the surface, to the huge subterranean chambers where the Naasirkhan's live and work. I remembered the many stasis pods we had found stacked here, with living and dead members of the kidnapped USS Argonaut crew. What a shock that was to us all, and although we retrieved all of the pods and returned with them to SS Astraios, the lost of those crew and the manner in which they died is a memory that cannot be erased. However, we understand that the Naasirkhans were not responsible for these actions, they were under the direct control of the Spouwwqna. Thus these diplomatic niceties are necessary to create and maintain a relationship with a warp-capable species that has some influence in the neighbouring sectors in terms of trade.

Still I had to steel myself to remain unemotional and appear pleasant, accepting the welcoming courtesies and extending my own, sitting down to a meal of various foodstuffs, some of which I could not try as they understand I am vegetarian. My practiced phrases were greeted with smiles and through the meal we managed to speak of their colony and its work, and also their homeworld, some light years away spinward, in an area we have not explored well as yet. I managed to deflect questions about my own homeworld and ancestry, and focussed my talk on my current family at Astraios and the happenings within the community there. They did express concern more than once about the increasing numbers of "outsiders" in the sector. I could not say a great deal about that as everyone is free to come and go as they please according to the laws and customs of the worlds they visit, but I did say that while Starfleet's primary mission is one of science and exploration, we also keep a vigilant eye on the sector and the safety of its inhabitants are also our concern.

By the time I beamed back up to the Colossus, my face was tired from smiling and my neck from nodding. I said a quiet good night to the others and went straight to my quarters, first checking my messages and contacting SS Astraios to report in, and then Hars to say hello and hear the news of the day. Then a solar shower and a change of clothing to something more comfortable for sleep... and record my log. Tomorrow we breakfast in the Colony and say our goodbyes. Then the Colossus will depart for the Astraios system and home.