Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate: 140415.0530

Location: SS Astraios

Well, I'm prepared as I can be for today's meeting of the Astraionian Council. I enough have documents, facts, charts, and diplomatic information to put the entire chamber to sleep for the whole afternoon. One nice thing about the Council... once you have the floor you may not be interrupted until you have completed your thought. One windbag went on for 3 days last year, I remember it well. I think toward the end I just sat there, staring forward, but asleep in my mind. Thankfully there are recordings... terrible job, to give some poor junior officer the task of wading through what was said... Anyway, today I am first and therefore I am able to talk as long as I like.

But that's this afternoon. This morning at 0600 hours I have the pleasure of a tour of the station with Engineering Officer T'Pec, who has some thoughts on how we could use some empty decks, and provide more services for the visiting crews of our fleet. Our Civilian chief, Mr. Marrxa, has invited me for breakfast in the mess hall at 0700, he wishes me to sample a few dishes he has made with the food we have been growing in our agricultural areas. Mr Farrell will brief me for the day at 0830, and I am scheduled to inspect the progress on the new Engineering Facility at 1000 hours. After that a break for relaxation, lunch (fruit salad), and then dress for the Council Meeting. A full day. One I would thoroughly enjoy, except for the prospect of the Council. I decided in order to have something to look forward to, I should plan something special for this evening. Hars is making dinner, and we will go to the table in my Zen garden to eat and watch the sun set. Right now, I best get a move on... rather not keep the very punctual Vulcan engineer waiting or there will be a raised eyebrow as he greets me.