Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate: 140412.0832

Location: SS Astraios

Wolfton is gone, aboard the USS Icarus, after carrying out further interrogation of those who bombed his ship. His first stop is, believe it or not, Treman. Well, that doesn't surprise me much. It would make sense. Treman is a melting pot of degenerates, pirates, shady traders and greedy landowners... and a military-style government that is often unstable. I await his encrypted reports.

I have concluded my questioning of security officers and marines on duty at the time of the bombing. It seems apparent that there were no lapses in the standard rounds and watches of the night, and Mr Herrera's failure to contact me was based on the assumption that I should not be disturbed until morning. At least two squad leaders had urged him to contact me and he had demurred. Incompetence or stupidity, I don't know. But I can't leave him in this position. I have informed him he is to take leave and, if he chooses to remain with us, he will be assigned to one of our vessels under the supervision of a good chief security officer.

Ah, he is so young and so obviously embarrassed. But if you want to be security, you better be strong enough to handle it and make the tough decisions... he's very good at the administrative end, I have to admit, which is why he ended up being Dollie's vice - she doesn't like the admin end at all, prefers action in the field. But I have the feeling Herrera's in the wrong branch. Towards the end of the meeting I suggested he take a look at the requirements for operations, and his face lit up.

This afternoon I meet with Mr Pookara of the Astraionian Civilian Authority, to bring him up to date on what has occurred and discuss the ramifications of this attack on the Colony and one of its vessels.

Thankfully there are no more Council Meetings for a couple of days.