Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate: 140415.2200

Location: SS Astraios

I survived the day. Hars made a wonderful dinner of vegetarian ragu with fresh bread he had made from Astraionian wild grains, I couldn't believe it. The Council meeting went as expected except I think I surprised them all with my fortitude, as I spoke for three and a half hours without a break, and after me there was only a short speech by one of the members from the southern city of Feldspar before they called a recess until tomorrow. As I have 'done my thing' as the Terran's say, I shall send my Yeoman to represent me and concentrate on SS Astraios and the Colony... at least until Thursday, when the Klingon Pegh will have a turn.

I have to admit, I dislike looking out of the Welcome Centre and seeing a Klingon battleship landing in the distance. Something about that just irks me... I'll talk to the acting Colony Chief Security in the morning. I want an eagle eye kept on that ship and on its crew when it arrives.