Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate: 140429

Location: USS Colossus

I awoke this morning at my usual 0515 and used the ship's holodeck to run along a beach. Our breakfast appointment with the Naasirkhans was set for 0900, quite late for me, so I had a fruit salad after my solar shower and then contacted SS Astraios via subspace to check in and receive the overnight reports. At 0730 I joined Captain Brandon in her ready room for a casual briefing on the Naasirkhan situation. They have apparently decided to apply to be members of the Federation. This will be a rather long drawn out process requiring some visits to their homeworld which is quite distant by conventional warp drive. We also chatted about other news, and broke at 0830 to change for the beam down.

At 0855 we gathered in the transporter room, I carried with me a handmade necklace of Astraionian metals, quite stunning, a gift to be sent to the Naarsirkhan Queen. After beamdown we were led again to the underground world that they have made quite comfortable for living.

Over breakfast I observed again the cultural traditions of their species. It seems the males will act dominant towards any females in the area, subduing the female with a sharp glance if she speaks out of turn. However, it is a matriarchal society, and the head of any family is honoured and respected. So, if a female is submissive to the male as is set in their customs, and then the next day her mother has passed away and she becomes the family leader, then she is now the dominant in the family and all must listen to her, including the males. Knowing this was one of the reasons I sent Capt Brandon and the Colossus. As I am considered head of the Starfleet family at Astraios, I am also accorded the respect of a family leader.

I suppose they must know each other's place very well, for I observed one male supressing his sister with a hard look when she began to answer a question I had asked, but he had to fall silent and nod his head with a smile when the small girl near me spoke up... she is the only female in her family and therefore ranks above all males despite her young age.

I practiced my Naasirkhanish as best I could, and my efforts were well received.

Near the end of the meal, I rose as is custom, and thanked them in flowery phrases for their hospitality, and then offered the gift for their Queen, which they will send with their next vessel travelling home. The lead females then came and spoke to me, reaching to touch my arms with their hands, this gentle touch a sign of respect as well as a kind of gesture that says 'you are with us although you are far'... thus a kind of reassurance to those leaving. I felt rather moved by this, I who have been so private and separate for so many years, to have others reach to touch me and express caring, in my heart at this moment I forgave them for the Argonaut.

We beamed back up to the Colossus and as I returned to my quarters I felt the vibration of the ship increase and I knew that we had set course for home. I know Hars will be waiting for me there with news of the villages, towns, and my garden. But for now I think I will return to the holodeck and spend some time on the beach during this small break from the usual tasks of a Colony Commander.