Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate: 140430

Location: Astraios Colony

At my request the Colossus maintained a distance of 500,000 kms from the outer edge of the Takaar Nebula as we cruised it rimward, I spent most of the morning in Astrometrics watching it go by and examining the data received from our sensors, which, as usual, have difficulty penetrating the anomaly, which was then at bearing 301, mark 000. We then moved further away and increased speed to ensure we would be home by sunset.

Upon my arrival I beamed to Sick Bay for a quick chat with the MO on duty, as it had been reported to me that a viral strain had hit part of the population on the east end of the southern continent, with some deaths among the elderly and hospitalization for others severely affected. We have protocols in place but vigilance is always necessary as our officers and crew often come in contact with inhabitants from this world during the course of their duties or social lives. We decided to deploy one of our medical ships to the area, and contacted the local government to request a landing area. Besides medical staff and supplies, we will also be sending marines detachments to help ensure order is maintained and that the quarantine is enforced. All vessels in the area have been grounded and a perimeter set. Besides offering assistance with these vital things, we will also send a crack science team to investigate the pathogen and its source.

After checking in with the Operations Chief I then retired to my quarters with some reports and messages to read, which I did while having a light supper of soup. I am very concerned that the continued diplomatic and community events to which I am invited are going to affect my health, and I have instructed my Yeoman to advise the issuers of invitations of my dietary requirements - not just vegetarian only, but no sugared items, alcohol, breads or buns. Just vegetables and light fruits, and clear water or broth. I may look humanoid but I am not... computer, erase that last sentence, after the word 'broth' [acknowledged]

...after completing my work, which only took about one hour as I had kept up with most of the paperwork and other items while on the Colossus, I beamed down to my garden and met Hars there, and we walked briskly together through the Colony proper, chatting quietly while breathing of the cool night air. I was grateful to be on 'terra firma' again.