Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate: 140501

Location: Astraios Colony

My run this morning was particularly delightful, the spring air was crisp and clean but the rising sun was warm, I felt so refreshed afterwards. I had a lovely piece of fruit and a long drink of clear water before my solar shower, and emerged energized and ready for the day.

Briefing at 0700 contained several items of interest. First and most important, no word as yet of the USS Neil Armstrong, the Marco Polo continues to search for her trail but is travelling at medium warp for fear of missing any clues.

Secondly, the outbreak of an unknown virus on the eastern coast of the southern continent, called "Keratophyre" due to the quartz in the area, continues. Although we have sent medical and scientific assistance, until the virus is isolated and investigated, a inoculation or cure cannot be found. All we can do now is quarantine the sick, investigate how they got sick, and try to keep the rest of the population well. Our security teams and marine detachment are assisting the local police force in calming residents, getting them to stay home, and ensuring that no one leaves or comes into the area. At present all our personnel are wearing light protective clothing and breathing apparatus when on the ground.

A report followed on the Takaar Nebula, I carried with me the data I had collected while on the Colossus and shared what I had learned. A broader report is expected from the USS Uralia when she completes her investigation, in the meantime the data will be sent to the astronomers aboard.

We concluded at 0830 and I made my way to the transporter room. I wished to see the Acting Colony Chief Security, and discuss with her security arrangements for the colony and the upcoming Council sessions which will begin again next week - unless the Keratophyre situation interferes. I could have called her to my ready room, but I like seeing my staff in their work environments. It helps me appreciate what they deal with every day, what kind of atmosphere they create or have to work in, and I think also makes me seem more approachable. I found July in the Brig area, talking with a young Ensign. The new officer was surprised to see me, I think, and stammered a hello, and then remembered herself... jumping to her feet she shouted "Captain on the Deck" which was rather amusing as only myself and LTcmdr Bradford were there. Surpressing a giggle I said, "as you were Ensign," and after a brief introduction Ensign Moss was dismissed. July and I had our chat.

I then took a brief walk in front of the Welcome Centre, nodding to cadets and gardeners as I strode away briskly, hoping not to be caught in conversation, needing to clear my head after the morning briefings. After a few minutes, a beep on my communicator was LTjg Farrell, reminding me of my lunch meeting with Mr Pookara, to be followed by a visit to the USS Davy Crockett, holding a "May Day" event on the ship.

I took Hars with me to meet with Lazuli, it was really mostly a casual thing, chatting over tea, but discussing also the details of the upcoming Council meetings and our strategies in that regard. There are a few council members we hope will remain on 'our side' and these people will also need to be chatted with over the next few days. Laz thinks, as do I, that the Pegh and the Dosi will work together to undermine our position in order to get what they want. This is a given... it's how they will do it that concerns me... the more I can anticipate them, the better prepared we will be to meet their 'attacks'.

Then I was pleased to beam aboard the Crockett and participate in the social event, meeting more of the crew and listening to the music they played in their '3 Forward'. I declined refreshment due to the strict regimen I have now adopted, but chatted with several until I needed to return to duty.

I met with Mr Farrell then to go over the schedule for the next few days, and receive any further reports on the virus situation. I contacted SS Astraios Operations to hand the conn to the duty officer, then declared myself off duty as of 1430.

I have some new seedlings in my greenhouse that are ready to be transplanted, I plan to spend the rest of the afternoon under the sun in my garden, listening only to the breeze and the birds, and smelling the good earth.