Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate: 140502

Location: Astraios Colony

A disturbing report from Captain Wolfton Foulsbane with regard to the sabotage of the USS Prophetic has reached me over subspace. Its contents were encrypted and at this point I do not wish to speak of it even in a personal log. Otherwise plans are moving forward with the Colony. I suggested to the Astraionian Council that their current chambers, while traditional, also were not made for the increasing numbers of representatives, and that, in fact, this usage is damaging the 1,000 year old council house - and I pointed out how it was impossible to secure it properly without damaging the infrastructure. I proposed that the Colony build and prepare a suitable building made of natural materials from the planet. I was surprised at the reaction, mostly positive, and I am now part of a committee to oversee plans. It will be built by Starfleet engineers and Astaionian engineers, in partnership. I like that.