Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate: 140504

Location: Astraios Colony

0513... I awoke again before the computer alarm. In a moment I shall go to the transporter room and beam down to begin my run. As it is, for us on the station, a "Sunday" it is a light duty day, with shorter shifts so everyone has a chance to visit with family and friends, or have some extra time off to rest and relax. I feel it is important to do this, most especially I like to see my crew on the planet surface and not sequestered on the station for days at a time. Of course we all sign on to Starfleet knowing we may be deployed on a ship for months... still, while there is a chance to give them all a little freedom from duty and care, I want them to have it. I know how hard they work... and how dangerous that work can be sometimes.

0700... I had a good run around the perimeter of the Colony and the outlying lands. It's a good way for me to keep a finger on the pulse of what's happening on the surface... I see the building, I see the maintenance, I see the preparations for deployment, the Marines doing their drills, the officers walking with their families to the beach, the shuttles landing with visitors... all from a distance as I move through and around the infrastructure. My favourite part is the path that skirts the hills to the north... it's wilder there, and as I go up the first hill I get a great view of the entire settlement... and the air seems cooler, fresher. I feel alive.

0730... SS Astraios mess hall. Mr. Marrxa had prepared breakfast for the Senior Officers, it was set up as a buffet. He feels strongly that as we are in orbit of a planet our crew should, when possible, eat 'real food' harvested locally. There is some scientific merit to this. Certainly eating plants or roots grown here means we ingest pollens or other materials, making us more immune to possible allergies. It took me a long time to like replicated food. It's not tasteless or anything... it's just sort of like the difference between a fresh baked bun and one that's two days old. It's okay to eat it, but it's not quite the same.

0830... Operations Deck, receive morning briefing in person.

0930... attend wedding rehearsal in the Chapel

1030... an hour in my office with Mr Farrell, going over reports and the schedule for the week. The Council sits again Tuesday. We set up meetings with four of the Councillors I need to speak with soon, as the vote on the Pegh and the Dosi will occur later this month.

1200... attend a lunch reception at a school in Dacite. The food was all prepared by students, they had carved ices to decorate the tables. The cooks all stood behind the buffet as we moved through, I chatted to several, so young but so talented.

1330... arrived back at SS Astraios and contacted OPs for an update on communications and a report on station readiness, then handed the comm to the duty officer and went off duty.

Now for some time in my garden, a long chat with Hars, and a dinner of fresh vegetables.

As lovely as that is, I cannot smile as easily as I might wish...knowing the USS Neil Armstrong is out there somewhere, unable to report in. They are always in my thoughts.