Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate: 140505

Location: Astraios Colony

Today has several meetings to prepare for tomorrow's Astraionian Council. Morning briefing, a visit to OPs deck, then down to the surface to touch base with Security, and then beam over to Micrite for a quick chat with Mr Pookara of the Civilian Authority. Tackle a couple of Councillors. Mr Aplgahrt I have invited for lunch in the lounge of SS Astraios. I know he has an interest in space and our table will have a fine a view of Questi, the moon. Later, over "afternoon tea", a discussion with Ms Quirtez, this time on the surface, on a sunny day in the shade of a tree in the garden by our Banquet Hall. Both meals provided by our SS Astraios chief, Mr. Marrxa. After all that, a long walk around the Colony and then home to my own garden and Hars.