Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate: 140506

Location: Astraios Colony

I awoke again before the computer was set to wake me, and was down on the surface for my run before sunrise had begun. Everything is quiet at that time, although I know that above the planet, the station is humming with life. Duty shifts changing, routines maintained, ever present alertness on OPs deck, ships being dispatched and others being resupplied. I heard we had a new baby in sickbay as well, one of the junior officers I had the privilege of marrying last year had her first child, a boy.

As I ran my mind nibbled at the problem of the USS Prophetic sabotage. Was it just a one time thing, local protesters against Starfleet, or military, or perhaps even an alien presence on their world. Or was it something more... must be something more if the perpetrators came from areas outside our home sector. The Klingon Pegh could be involved but I sense Klingons are more in your face. The Dosi? No. Tremanites I could believe, although what they hope to gain isn't clear. Wolf's messages suggest.. well it's alarming. I hope he returns soon with all the details of what he's learned so I can put his theory into context. In the meantime we remain at defstat 3 but privately I have spoken to the acting Colony Chief security and special teams are in place around our sensitive areas, including our shipyard and spacedock.

This afternoon is the dreaded Tuesday Astraionian Council meeting, today the Dosi have the floor. They again have a chance to make their case and, given their aggressive nature, I expect there will be some verbal fireworks.