Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate: 140507

Location: SS Astraios

Yesterday's Council meeting was... frustrating, to say the least. The Dosi had the floor and they must have picked the meekest, mildest, slowest talker from among them. He spoke for three hours and forty-two minutes. The information imparted during this time was: where they are from, that they are merchants, and that they have trading arrangements with several large organizations on Astraios Prime and Treman. We all knew this already, so it was a total waste of time. But they still have the floor, and will continue on 140508.1400. If I drank, I'd have a few before that meeting. Perhaps he'll talk about the evolution of wheatgrass as it relates to quadrant-wide trading.

I spent this morning with LTcmdr Bradford, touring the Colony proper and discussing security arrangements for our upcoming military ball planned for 140601.1200 as well as the additional forces we have in place to prevent further sabotage.

After lunch, a medical briefing on the Keratophyre situation, which continues, however, Science and Medical teams worked together to discover a vaccine and this treatment is now being distributed to avoid further infection. They still need to come up with a treatment for those already infected. Currently 666 have died, and 2,049 are suffering with the virus. The worst will be placed in stasis until a cure can be found... if we can supply enough stasis pods. I have engineering teams working on that. We have not lifted the quarantine yet, as we need to be satisfied that everyone has had the vaccine and that it is working. We also discussed how to deal with further outbreaks... we will need to introduce the vaccine to our officers and crew as a standard item I suppose.

After the final briefing of the day with my yeoman Mr Farrell I will return to the surface for dinner with friends, and hopefully a little time in my garden before the sun sets.