Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate: 140508

Location: SS Astraios

Breakfast meeting with my Senior Officers over a delicious meal of fruit and fresh bread, coffee or Raktajino for most of them, Earl Grey for me. I had it served in my ready room. Questi was high and visible through my window, I had the computer dim the lights to 80 percent so everyone could see it. How many people have breakfast by moonlight?

During the meeting we discussed a variety of topics with regard to security, medical, astrometrics, engineering. Several expressed concern about the influx of more aggressive attitudes to the Colony... probably a polite way of saying there are too many Klingons on Astraios Prime. I suggested we have some training simulations on how to deal with Klingons and Dosi, who view aggression as strength and assertion as weakness.

Overall the station is running well. We might need to adjust the orbit slightly as we move into summer, the planet will be passing closer to the sun and there is more potential for solar storms.

The Colony is also well managed, we have these difficulties of diplomacy and the presence of unfriendlies but I think that is natural in this line of work. We have a good relationship with the Civilian Authority and they know we will stand by them through think and thin. It's the politics that are less easy, so much subterfuge and jostling for position.

We also looked over the plans for the Astraionian Council chambers, which will be build in the Colony proper so we can provide security for the delegates.

We concluded our meeting at 0849, all smiles until someone asked about the USS Neil Armstrong and I had to report again that there is no news on that front. The USS Marco Polo is now 177 LY coreward of Astraios and has been doing extensive sensor sweeps for warp signatures or... debris.