Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate: 140509

Location: Astraios Colony

Today I was in the province of Syenite, attending a spring festival and also meeting with the Syenite Agricultural Alliance, who sponsor this event in order to advertise the fresh organic produce they grow as well as raise funds for children without families. They have set up several residential schools for these children. The festival was held at the largest farm in Syenite, which also has a school that houses 111 children of all ages. After the introductions, we all sat down at long tables while children, dressed in flowing garments with garlands of flowers in their hair, played the Astraionian wood flute, danced, and sang for us. The smallest hardly knew what to do but were so cute, they brought joy to my heart and perhaps also a tear or two for the youngling I lost. It was a sweet moment caught between beauty and pain, as I watched them. I left a sizable donation before beaming back to the shuttle to return to Astraios. I checked in with OPs and Security and then went off-duty, I have been feeling slightly unwell and decided to rest for the remainder of the day.