Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate: 140510

Location: Shuttle T'Pan

I interrupted my early morning run around the Colony to take in the new Council Chambers, the infrastructure is up already. It's an interesting design and I hope will bring more light and more oxygen to the long-winded meetings of the Astraionian Council.

At 0700 I held a breakfast meeting in the Operations Briefing Room on SS Astraios to discuss current fleet operations pertaining to the issues at hand:
-investigation into the expansion of the Takaar Nebula which, if it continues, may affect nearby systems adversely;
-the continued medical quarantine of Keratophyre province and the pathogen that has now been dubbed the 'KP virus' by the media;
-the issue of the sabotage of the USS Prophetic, the questions of why and who still have not been answered to my complete satisfaction;
-the question of the pressure by the Klingon Pegh and the Dosi traders upon the Astraionian Council in order to obtain land and governmental privileges;
-and last but not least the long absence of our flagship, the USS Neil Armstrong, 1,153 people sent on a fool's errand by me to try to find one missing officer. Oh I didn't put it like that, but the tactful comments in the briefing and the voice of my own heart make me question myself.

I dismissed everyone at 0849 and went to the shuttle bay. I needed to... well I needed some time alone. I went to the far far north where spring is still absent and patches of snow are on the ground. I had given the story that I was looking for clippings of a certain bush that grows in that climate... but I really just wanted to shed being a Captain and a Commander for an afternoon.

She thought then of how she had landed the shuttle and scanned for life signs, no sentient beings for miles. Opening the door, she stepped out and breathed the fresh, cold air. The sun shone weakly over the tall mountains. Nearby a lake, fed by glaciers, gleamed deep blue. She went back inside and stripped off her uniform... squatting to the ground, she closed her eyes, breathed deeply, and let her mind focus on the image in her mind. Two minutes later a large black wolf stood at the door of the shuttle, sniffing the air. In another moment, she had disappeared into the forest.

I will be landing the shuttle shortly, SS Astraios Operations has acknowledged my signal. Hars also left me a message to say he has a quiet dinner waiting in my garden. I had a... nice afternoon but regrettably did not locate the flowering bush I was seeking. Another time.