Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate: 140511

Location: Astraios Colony

Today was a quiet day. After my morning run and usual briefing, I met the Engineering Chief working on our current Colony building projects and toured the facilities, including the new Astraionian Council Chamber. In addition to this are new reception rooms for Colony Command with private areas above, and lastly, some wonderful landscaping and provision of facilities along the beach front here, all looking quite lovely. I think our Cadets and off-duty crews will enjoy the recreational areas. I asked that an area of the accessible beaches be left wild, and the rest gently prepared for use without damaging the ecosystem. An excellent job so far but then, I expected no less.

Then a casual lunch with a large civilian family in town, Hars and I attended, and sat in their garden chatting about nothing very important until one of the young daughters began to ask me about Starfleet and my duties. Mindful of the cautious looks of the parent, I was tactful in my replies, careful not to encourage a yet unformed mind to dream too much of life beyond her present world.

We walked back then, a long walk, and whether it was the heat or the lingering sense of darkness I have in my heart, it seemed longer and more tiring than expected. When we reached the Colony I excused myself to go lie down in the quiet of my room, my window open to the fragrance of the blooming flowers and the sea breeze, letting my mind wander and my heart feel its pain. Perhaps it is the illness I had a little while ago, still not quite gone. Perhaps it is the worry about the Neil Armstrong, her crew and her officers, so long without word... or perhaps it was that small, eager face looking up at me with interested eyes, reminding me again of my loss.