Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate: 140514

Location: Astraios Colony

I slept last night in the new quarters provided for me in the Colony Commander's Residence... it's mostly reception areas and has a yet to be set up roof garden that will be quite lovely... it's quite close to the ocean and I enjoyed the view very much.

Yesterday's Council meeting went as expected, the Dosi still holding the floor for the entire afternoon. It makes no sense to me that an outsider is given all the privileges the others have, including the right to hold the government decision making process up for days. I think he recounted the entire history of Dosi and Dosi trading in the Quadrant. He did finally finish and a council member from the Northern Province is next to speak.

Today I spent the morning observing a simulator training class with some of our newest cadets. A few bumps in the road but they performed well and I look forward to seeing their progress in the coming months.

The weather has turned quite warm and I see our engineering team has finished preparing the beach areas for recreational use. Perhaps I'll take a walk there after sunset, to watch the moon rise near the temple of Norite. It always feels so... ancient and special when I walk there, knowing others have done so for centuries, looking up at the same moon as I. Makes you wonder about the mysteries of life, and seems odd that I, an outsider from another planet so far away, ended here, walking on the beach at Astraios, lit by the silver rays of Questi, in the footsteps of so many beings.

We have so much to learn.