Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate: 140520

Location: Astraios Colony

Our normal events continue, although security is tight and everyone is a bit on edge. We held our weekly "Boogie" at the Shuttle Bay Club at lunchtime and several officers came, but it wasn't as jolly as usual, especially when the civilians noticed the armed security officers. I had gone as I felt it is important for people to see me carrying on as normal, and be there to answer questions or calm frayed nerves.

I then had to steel myself for the afternoon Council meeting. I begin to dread Tuesdays because of this. I wish to be on the bridge of a fast ship travelling at the speed of light, helping to find Wolf and the Prophetic, not sitting and listening to dreary politics where people never say what they mean and saying it takes forever. The one good thing is the meeting never ever runs late, as the Astraionians permit someone to speak as long as they like, there is no agenda and the thing just continues again the next time.

Dinner was a quick fruit salad before a tactical meeting to discuss security measures at the Colony and station, and to receive further reports on the technology used to steal the Prophetic.

We remain at DefCon 1.