Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate: 140522

Location: SS Astraios

I began today with an early briefing, 0630 instead of 0700 as we had a lot to get through before I issued new orders to the fleet. We have several ships patrolling the system and we have set up a blockade that stretches from Astraios to either the Sector border or the Takaar Nebula on every side. There is no word from Wolf, the Prophetic, or the USS Neil Armstrong for that matter.

This morning was also our Monthly Town Hall, held in the Amphitheatre whenever weather permits. I like to see the sun and feel the wind on my face, and I imagine the crews do too. We had a good discussion about several items, including protocol at informal affairs and the current Academy requirements for Cadets. Afterward some went to the Orbit Club for a noontime dance, while others, like me, returned to duty.

I took a break from the Astraionian Council chamber, sending my Yeoman in my stead to record the Thursday session and summarize the salient points for me tomorrow at our usual briefing. Instead, I spent the afternoon in Mission Control, discussing the fleet movements and assignments with my Senior Officers and Colony Chiefs.

I had barely seen Hars since Sunday so after all the meetings were over, I walked with him in the Colony gardens and told him all I knew. The sun was setting. It was good to talk to someone who is rather outside all that is happening, and get his objective view. He's so wise. I felt much better after that chat. Now I am having a cup of Earl Grey before retiring. I can't quite bring myself to sleep down on the planet. I am in my quarters on SS Astraios, so I can be close at hand should something occur.