Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate: 140525

Location: SS Astraios

YES! I can scarcely believe it but SS Astraios OPs just called me with the news. The USS Neil Armstrong has reported in! Apparently they are 55 light years coreward, near the Bena'al System, and have sustained some damage from using a transwarp conduit, but they are in one piece. They also have LT Isis Gaelyth aboard, so their mission to find and rescue her was successful - although she is reported to need medical care at the Colony. I'm just so thrilled to hear that Genny, David, Karl, Dolfke... oh, all of them - are okay.


Commanding Officer's Log: Supplemental

The Armstrong came across Icarus and some escape pods - all from the USS Prophetic! They have Wolf, his children, and his few crew members aboard. They are on their way home and will be here by Saturday. Capt Foulsbane requested permission to rendezvous with one of the ships currently searching for the Prophetic as he doesn't want to just return to Astraios. I gave permission, of course. The Foulsbane children will return with the Armstrong and remain under our care until Wolf gets back.

What a day! Some good news at last.