Pegh attack on Starfleet

[AC Skynews] ...Details of a recent military mission were released today by Starfleet Colony communications. On stardate 140921, Astraios Prime was attacked by M’Reh, the ambassador to Astraios from the Klingon Pegh. She had been barred from the Astraionian Council and Astraios itself after the Council determined her behaviour and threats were detrimental to good order. The Pegh also lost its right to speak at council for two years. M’Reh blamed the Colony Commander, Fleet Captain Poison Toocool, for this. After the Klingon was escorted from the system, she returned with a cloaked warbird and assaulted Federation installations and a Starfleet shuttle. The USS Argonaut (under the command of Cmdr David7 Bravin) gave chase while SS Astraios warned the Astraios Civilian Authority to raise planetary defences. As the warbird approached Astraios Prime some odd energy readings were detected. The Klingon ship was using an illegal weapon. They fired an isolytic burst, and a tear appeared in subspace. If they were not stopped, the entire system could be damaged. The warbird slipped into the subspace rip and could not get out. The Argonaut quickly ejected their warp core and fired upon it. The resulting explosion sealed the breech, but, according to unnamed sources, the fallout of this action by the Pegh continues.