Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate: 140526

Commanding Officer's Log
Stardate: 140526.0730
Location: SS Astraios

We have received messages from the USS Davy Crockett. They are changing course to intercept the USS Neil Armstrong and take Capt Foulsbane and some of his crew aboard. They will then begin a search for the Prophetic.

The Armstrong will then use slipstream to cross the sectors between them and home, but are mindful of the damage to their hull, caused by a rough ride through a degrading transwarp conduit. They had intended to drop out of transwarp on this side of the Takaar Nebula, but were forced to discontinue. Lucky for Wolf.

We remain at DefStat 1 due to the use of technology that was not detected by our sensor sweeps, vessels, or any other means we have. Until I am sure the threat has subsided, we will stay at full alert status.