Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate: 140526

Location: SS Astraios

Recieved a full report from Capt Wolfon Foulsbane, CO of the USS Prophetic. He left USS Neil Armstrong on stardate 140525.2300 aboard the shuttle, USS Icarus, and was able to rendezvous with the USS Davy Crockett at 140526.1200 as planned. They then set course for Arish IV with the intent of retaking the Prophetic via use of insertion teams. There was some concern that the vessel, which had been unarmed when hyjacked, may have since had weapons installed.

When they arrived, they found the Prophetic beaming up hundreds of life forms from the Arish IV colony. Apparently the indigenous Arishians and the colonists have co-existed for centuries, however, whilst the colonists have very advanced technologies, they have not shared them with the native population, thereby setting themselves up for deification. And so, the Arishian news agencies were reporting a "flying saucer" was stealing their gods and causing much consternation among the indigenous people.

Upon detecting Cmdr Brogdram's ship, the Prophetic raised all but the ventral shields and charged weapons, firing warning shots in front of the Crockett.

Another cloaked transwarp gate appeared and was rigged to self destruct just like the one outside Astraios Shipyards, but oddly, someone on the Prophetic destroyed the gate before she could leave.

Once it was determined that shuttles from the Crockett would be able to bypass the Prophetic shields, insertion teams were deployed. They were able to disarm the crew of hyjackers and regain control of the Prophetic. The Crockett successfully locked on a tractor beam and course was set for Astraios.

Wolf took his shuttle to the Prophetic to interrogate the detainees.

It appears that there was much more to the bombing and subsequent hijacking of the Prophetic previously thought. Some of the people evacuated onto the Prophetic did not wish to leave Arish IV. Some wanted to leave but not by stealing a Starship. Others wanted to colonize the entire Astraios Sector for their own.

Though much of their technology is more advanced than ours, their grasp of it is limited - almost as though it wasn't created by them.

What is most puzzling though, is their origin. These people have different star charts and an alternate version of galactic history.

Wolf suggests that these charts are either intentionally misleading data (propoganda), or that these life forms are in fact from another timeline or dimension.

He ends by saying, "For now, though, we will still refer to them as the Arishian Factions, as most of their genetic makeup is identical to the indiginous Arishians. If the indigenous Arishians discover faster than light travel, my official recommendation is that a non-saucer-like ship make the first contact. They would be very hostile to anything resembling the USS Prophetic and would see our orbit as a demonic threat."