Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate: 140602

Location: SS Astraios

Work continues apace after our spring Military Ball, which was a great success despite our increased security and concerns. Only one Klingon had the gall to show up. We had a number of people from the nearby towns and settlements come, some just to have fun and some curious to see inside the Colony proper, since entrance is usually restricted these days to Starfleet or Astaionian Council members, or those with business to conduct.

First duty this morning is a breakfast meeting with Senior staff in my ready room, to discuss the deployment of the Fleet and the status of the USS Prophetic, based on reports from Intelligence, Tactical, and ship's mission logs.

Then attend a Science Exhibit followed by lunch on the lawns of the Lamproite University in the same town of that name, should be interesting. After lunch I get to present the prizes for the best exhibits to the winning students. I look forward to this although the need to be attended by armed Marines... does not present the non-military aspect of Starfleet as I would wish.

Upon my return, some time in my ready room to rest before the Tuesday Council Meeting. Today it is the turn of the Council member from Keratophyre Province. I met him several times to discuss dealing with the KP virus, I am interested to hear his report on the situation. The area has been quarantined for weeks and, although an inoculation has been tried and is successful... those who already have the virus are currently out of luck. There is concern that opening the borders might cause the contagion to spread, as things have been so distrupted by the virus they cannot guarantee that everyone has been inoculated.

After that I hope for a quiet evening in my garden. But we could do with a little rain.