Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate: 140710

Location: Astraios Colony

I was unable to attend our weekly community dance ("boogie") this day, although I wished I could. The morning was spent in meetings with senior staff receiving updates on a variety of issues, followed by a discussion of fleet deployment. I only had time for a quick lunch before the afternoon Council meeting. I grow impatient with those who think Astraios should have an open door policy. Have they forgotten so quickly the war initiated by the Tremanites and the reason we were invited here, to assist them to protect themselves?

One piece of good news from the Keratophyre Province is that the "KP Virus" seems to be under control, although the quarantine has not been lifted, there have been fewer deaths now everyone is inoculated. I will have a moment at Council to give them this news. And make it clear it was only our assistance that stopped the virus from reaching the northern provinces.

The weather has been fine lately and my garden is overflowing its borders. I hope to find an hour tomorrow to tend my vegetables!