Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate: 140721

Location: SS Astraios

And so it begins. We move our ships from point to point in the surrounding sectors, searching, watching, listening. When or if something will happen, we don't know. All we know is... the threat is there. Twice we were hit here, at home. All of our investigations and analysis to date lead only to the inescapable conclusion that the potential for more exists. The enemy is cloaked. Scattered among friendly faces. Powerful enough to steal a Federation vessel from under our very noses.

I have established a Task Force to deal with this potential threat. Some of our deployed ships are set to patrol and guard. Others have been sent with diplomatic messages and a warning that a faction of the species known as The Apeiros may attempt an invasion or incursion into Federation space.

All our strategy is centred on the USS Prophetic and her mission to gather further intelligence as to the state of the enemies fleet or technology, and any information that can be obtained as to their plans.

In the meantime, Astraios Colony is quiet. All shoreleaves are cancelled, there is a nightly curfew. A few ships are docked at SS Astraios for refit, supply or R&R. When I walk through the hallways, there is a sense of hushed anticipation.

This morning I meet with the Astraios Civilian Authority to brief them on this situation and discuss the potential need for planetary defences should the need arise. The afternoon is the usual Council meeting. It is not yet my turn to speak. Others have spoken. The Prophetic was first sabotaged at our Colony shipyards, and then stolen on a test flight. Some are dismayed that the building of one of our vessels should have brought attention to Astraios Prime. Others say it is proof our presence here is necessary, that without us, these kinds of incursions and attacks would be more frequent. Both sides have a point. But it's a moot point now.

We are here, and we have a job to do. We are protecting Astraios at the cost of our own lives. We guard her system and sector. And now we reach out beyond, to places light years away, concerned about the interference with the natural development of a people called Varishians, concerned that an intergalactic species has a foothold in our galaxy. We are ready to stand up to them if need be.

Of course a diplomatic solution is what we desire. The Prophetic's mission of intelligence gathering is only a precursor to diplomatic talks with the other Apeiros factions who desire either peaceful settlement or a return to M33. If we can get them on side, if we can show our willingness to stand by them and assist them...this may be the leverage that allows us to control the aggressive faction that wishes to conquer this Galaxy.

Sometimes I feel very small in the face of all this... so many beings, so many problems, so much bitterness. It is my family, my adopted family of friends, crew, fellow officers, that allow me to remain strong.