Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate: 140723

Location: SS Astraios

Yesterday's meetings went as expected. The Astraionian Civilian Authority, headed by Mr Pookara, was welcoming and listened carefully, and a thoughtful discussion took place about safety concerns for the population and planet. The Council, as usual, was more acrimonious, with a particularly long and bitter speech by Slat Resinerash, the member from the small southern province of Picrite. Only a few thousand souls live there but he is seen as quite an influential figure. He complained about a great many things, Starfleet included, but mostly the lack of trade in his area and the affect of drought on the local crops. I caught him alone afterwards and reminded him Starfleet has technology that could assist in finding or providing water, or even seeding the clouds to provide rain. He seemed somewhat startled that I would offer him assistance after his negative views on our presence here... we are to meet to discuss specifics when I visit Picrite next week.

The Colony and Fleet remain at DefStat 2 while we investigate the Apeiros-Varishian situation. No reports from the Prophetic for the past few days but we expected that as they remain focussed on their covert mission.

Here at home some rain at last today after several weeks of sun, a welcome relief. My garden perked up immediately. I have felt quite tired after all the meetings and mission briefings of the past few days. This day I will spend the morning in my garden after the 0600 briefing, and will attend a luncheon at one of the local colleges, speaking on careers in Starfleet as well as sampling the food prepared by student chiefs. I must check and make sure Mr Farrell advised them I am vegan. Then a late afternoon meeting in mission command for reports on the fleet status and positions, and readiness of Colony installations.

I hope dinner will be a quiet salad with Hars. I have been much detained in my ready room or operations these past days. It would be nice to stretch out my legs and relax for a brief time.