Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate: 140724

Location: SS Astraios

0515 - wake up before the computer alarm. Dress.

0530 - turbo to transporter room, beam down to Colony for morning run

0535 - nod hello to the Security detail as I step out to the lawn in front of the Welcome Centre, to stretch

0540 - begin my run. Left through the Council guest houses, out to the beach, run along the water to the temple, then around to the fishing area, and along the waterfront to the lagoon, past the banquet hall, back to the Welcome Centre, the across the bridge to the Majel Science Centre, along the path past the Observatory, the sun now rising behind me, faint pink in the sky as I go past the hospital and Shuttle Bay Club and over to the Enterprize area, more administrative buildings, the amphitheatre, gardens... beyond to the Equiner embassy area and then a swift right to the shuttle shipyards, past the civilian museum, back across the parade square to the bridge, welcome centre, and a quick transport up directly to my quarters.

0635 - fresh glass of water, and a solar shower. Fuss with my hair. Medium combat uniform. Combadge, pips, PADD.

0700 - breakfast in my Ready Room with senior staff. A briefing over something called 'hotcakes' and other items my crew seems to enjoy. I have a fondness for fresh baked buns, but I have only a fruit salad. The agenda is loose, we discuss various concerns, I watch their faces, see the worry flash across them, see the tired smiles, but even stronger, I see the dedication and determination to make a difference.

0830 - beam directly to Mission Control for a more serious briefing on the status of the Fleet and overnight reports.

0930 - time for a brief walk to the Hospital and a morning cup of tea with staff.

1015 - board my shuttle for the planned visit to Keratophyre Province, and a tour of the medical facilities we have set up there to deal with the KP virus and the need for water and food.

1330 - disembark back at Astraios Colony. Time for a quick change of uniform

1400 - Thursday Astraionian Council Meeting. Slat Resinerash still has the floor.

1700 - say my polite farewells while sending messages to my Yeoman with my eyes to get me out of the crowd quickly. He's smart enough to get the hint and approaches me with an urgent communication. Instead of walking back to the Welcome Centre, I have us beamed to SS Astraios.

1715 - after a short briefing, I dismiss my Yeoman for the day. I spend an hour in my ready room going over reports and messages.

1830 - I beam down to my cottage and change out of uniform. In bare feet I walk out to my garden. The westerning sun still has a little warmth. I sit down and breathe deep, letting the scent of the flowers and the peace of the evening work its magic. Hars brings a salad, and says nothing, just sits by me, holding my hand, as the sun moves closer to the distant hills, and my mind calms to nothingness.