Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate: 140729

Location: SS Astraios

A difficult day today. Plans set in motion to assist the Astraionian Civilian Authority to move the major power supply for the planetary shield grid suddenly are in jeopardy after a motion to limit our involvement was proposed to the Astraionian Council. It would be easy to point the finger at the Klingons or the Dosi but I believe there is a darker power at work here. Unseen and malevolent, it is manipulating the situation. Spouwwgna? Apeiros? I responded calmly with details of how our engineering expertise was requested and the status of the preparations. It was suggested that, since the USS Prophetic was sabotaged on Colony soil and subsequently hijacked while on a test run in the system, our security is lax. Therefore we cannot be trusted to protect the location of the power plant or the details of the inner workings of the shield. Many will speak on the motion before a vote is held, meaning the work is delayed indefinitely. I tried to point out, in the five minutes allowed me for rebuttal, that the shield is therefore even more important than before and a delay could be dangerous. But now I must await my turn to speak. Given the rules, that could be weeks away.