Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate: 140730

Location: SS Astraios

The USS Marco Polo, on deployment in Sector G-009C, has reported over encrypted long range comms that they escorted the USS Mont Cervin to the edge of the Astraios Sector before continuing on their assigned patrol some days ago. They added that they have since received a repeating signal buried in what appears to be noise from a supernova. After some examination they believe the message is from the USS Prophetic. The signal contains information about the Prophetic current position and status, along with details of what they have discovered to date with regard to the Apeiros factions and their intentions in our galaxy. Wolf also mentioned the Mont Cervin reached them at last, but not without incident. I have passed all the data to our intelligence officers for further perusal.

It was good to hear from Wolf and know that Genny and her crew reached him safely.

Here at home the issue over the planetary shield grid continues to rage, the media have now become involved and I cannot read the reports or listen to the broadcasts without feeling discouraged. Astraios was accepted into the Federation because it fulfilled the set requirements for membership, amongst them: "values of benevolence, peaceful co-existence and co-operation, the rule of law, and equal rights and justice." I have no issue with the value of free speech, what I do not appreciate are opinions presented as fact or one-sided journalism. Perhaps that's my own prejudice talking. I will have to think deeply about what I wish to say at Council when I get the chance.

The weather just now is really wonderful. The ocean breezes are fresh and slightly cooling while the sun is warm and embracing. I enjoy the evenings in my garden with Hars. I have to admit, I have grown to love this little planet on the edge of the unknown.