Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate: 140802

Location: SS Astraios

At 0435 this morning I was woken by the duty Operations Officer aboard SS Astraios, via comms. He apologized and said he was sorry to have disturbed me but a communication had been received from the USS Neil Armstrong that he felt I might wish to see. I asked him to put the message through to my quarters. I swiftly splashed some water on my face and obtained a cup of Earl Grey from the replicator, and sat down.

Approximately three weeks ago, the USS Neil Armstrong had been dispatched to Pléō, a planet 26 light years rimward of Astraios. The Pléōns had just recently developed warp drive, and reported on stardate 140704 that their only two Neptune class ships had disappeared. Their remaining vessels are shuttles or runabouts, thus short range only, hampering their trading businesses and precluding them from searching for their lost ships. Just before the newly built vessels vanished, some kind of unknown force had affected their planetary systems and their habitat area had been damaged. The Armstrong was assigned to assist the Pléōns with medical and engineering issues, and investigate the cause of the malfunctions. In addition, they were to ascertain what happened to those two warp capable ships. I was thus anxious to hear the Armstrong report.

Capt London had sent an encrypted priority message disguised as space noise and piggy backed it on a routine message from the communication array in that sector, thus appearing to prying eyes as an uninteresting update on the array status. After hearing what she had to say, I instantly called my tactical chief and ordered a briefing in mission control at 0515. Subsequently orders were sent to both the USS Dorado (Intrepid, Phaser) and USS Sloan (Venture) - both on patrol in Sectors G-009D / G-009E - to rendezvous with the Armstrong in the Pléōn system without delay.

The COs of USS Colossus (Sovereign) and USS Aristotle (Nova), both on standby at SS Astraios, have been ordered to take over the patrols rimward. They will depart at 1000 hours today.

Simply put, we do not yet know who sabotaged the planetary defences on Pléō Prime or took those vessels. But one week ago another recently warp capable planet in the Argus System, 43 LY rimward, suffered the theft of a battlecruiser from space dock. As soon as London heard this report, she arranged to send the secret signal to me.

It appears that someone is taking newly built vessels and possibly assembling a fleet in the sectors below us.