Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate: 140916

Location: SS Astraios

So much has happened over the last month. I'm happy to say The Apeiros situation may have been calmed for the moment, through the good work of Cmdr Genny7 Markus and her team, in conjunction with Capt Wolfton Foulsbane and the USS Prophetic. Reports are just coming in regarding diplomatic meetings held with most Apeiros-Vashian factions. I am dispatching an experienced negotiator aboard USS Temujin, they leave at 0730 tomorrow and should arrive at Varish IV within 12 to 14 days. This development is excellent news.

Here at home, the Astraionian Council meetings have become tense. The atmosphere seems to snap with underlying challenge of the age old system adopted by the Astraios people. The Dosi and the Klingon Pegh continue to insist they have equal right to settle on Astraios Prime, expecting good land to be provided to them for their settlements. They continually point to our Starfleet Colony as an example. We provide protection, medical treatment at our Community Hospital, and education at our Academy. Why, they ask, can an agreement not be reached whereby they will provide something to the Astraios people in exchange for the use of the land? Food, clothing, engineering experience, etc etc. Each time one of their representatives have the floor... things get worse.

Today the representative of Klingon Pegh, M'Rel, spoke - well, snarled - for nearly an hour, eyes fixed on me as she spoke derisively about Starfleet. She even brought up the agreement with the Cardassian union that led to issues on Bajor, and every other mistake Starfleet has ever made. She said we were unworthy of trust, and at that point I rose, glaring, snarling my own words, filling the chamber with my demand to the Chair that this unproductive and insulting tirade be stopped. The bell rang just as I was finished speaking, so a decision will be given at the start of the next meeting on Thursday.

My Marines around me, I stayed to talk to various representatives, determined not to scurry away.

I need some time in my garden tonight. The fall nights grow slightly cool, but there are so many lovely flowers still.