Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate: 140918

Location: SS Astraios

Well, it was an interesting day. After the usual meetings and briefings, I attended the Astraionian Council meeting, as usual. Normally I dread it but I was curious to see how the Council would deal with my protests over M'Reh's insults. Her tirade had been aimed at me, and Starfleet. It was slightly justified as a subject for talk because her group, the Klingon Pegh, wants the same thing Astraios Colony has... land and community support. However the vast majority of what she said was a somewhat lopsided account of the Federation's history in the Alpha Quadrant. Given that her group is not associated with the Klingon home world or the Klingon High Council, but has in fact declared they are an independent group of 'traders' seeking a home base here in the Gamma Quadrant, they just might rule her out of order.

At least that was my hope.

I arrived early, in full mess dress, with my Marines marching behind and beside me, greeting every councillor I saw with a smile, appearing unconcerned. M'Reh and her associates were standing just inside the fence, near the transporter, I greeted her and them formally as I passed. She growled something at me.

Soon everyone was assembled. The chair called the meeting to order and the first order of business was to ask me, as the last speaker of the previous meeting, whether I had any more to say. I took my time rising, looking around the Chamber. I then replied that I had said all I had to say, that I left it to the ancient traditions of this civil chamber and the intelligence, compassion and advanced thinking of its members to resolve the dispute between speaker M'Reh and I. I then quoted an old Astraionian saying, in their language. Roughly translated it means, 'stand like a rock in the face of unfairness and injustice.' They liked that and erupted into applause, many even rising to denote respect.

The chair then called for M'Reh and I to rise. A page entered the Chamber, carrying on a pillow the ancient fragment of rock that is traditionally called the Stone of Judgement. It was placed on a round table in the centre of the chamber. First me, and then M'Reh, were called to approach the stone, touch it with our right hands, and declare we would abide by the judgement of the Chamber and Council without protest or complaint. I spoke clearly and forcefully so all would hear, repeating the declaration in Astraionian and Federation English. M'Reh growled her statement.

We were then asked to leave the chamber for 21 minutes. During this time the chair would call for a motion and a vote would be taken. I went down and stood on the lawn near the Officer's Mess, my Marines around me, and my Yeoman brought me a cool drink. M'Reh and her group stayed on the opposite side.

A page appeared and stepped toward me, I assumed to call me back. He addressed me formally and then informed me the Chamber asked me to wait a little longer. In the distance, I could see M'Reh also talking with a page, and then she entered the turbo with him to return to the council meeting. I thought that was odd, I assumed we'd be called back together, but, never having actually been part of this kind of dispute, I assumed it was tradition that the complainant returned last.

In a few minutes M'Reh was back on the ground, escorted by Chamber guards, while clearly still protesting whatever had been said. After she and her group had moved away, the page invited me to take the turbo back up.

I stood in the centre of the Chamber, and waited respectfully to hear their judgement. I assumed M'Reh had been admonished and would return another day, perhaps slightly more aware of the rules and need for respect.


I was informed that, 'This great Council, after reviewing the talk and resulting protest, and in mind of the tradition of respect, tolerance and relevance established long ago, have collectively and formally agreed that speaker M'Reh failed to consider these traditions of discourse. As representative of the Klingon Pegh, which has twice been admonished for failure to abide by Astraionian Council rules and guidelines, she has displayed again disrespect for the Council and thereby the Astraionian people. We have therefore declared her right to speak is silenced forever. In addition, the Klingon Pegh is formally admonished and may not have a presence at Council for a period of two Astraionian years. Thus say we."

At that point they all rose in respect, while I stood there, surprised, pleased, moved. I bowed and spoke a formal reply thanking them for their thoughtful and considered judgement.

The Chair then declared the meeting closed, after advising the Gabbro councillor would begin her talk next Council.

My friends on the Council were jubilant and I invited anyone who would like to come, to join me on the upper deck of the Officer's Mess for refreshment. I send a quick message to Hars to ask him to come as well. So the rest of the day was spent enjoying the sun and views from the deck and chatting with friends.