Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate: 140929

Location: SS Astraios

M'Reh was not finished with Astraios. After she was removed from Colony lands on 140918, I received a report that a Klingon battle cruiser had requested escort to leave the planet. Permission was given. M'Reh and her entourage left the system. Or so it seemed.

Early Sunday morning 1400921, a sensor net located 1 LY rimward was momentarily breeched. Thinking it could be a meteor or other small anomaly, OPs had dispatched a runabout to check the net and undertake repairs. A couple of hours later, I received a message from SS Astraios operations. They were concerned that crew aboard the runabout had not reported in. My instincts sensed trouble. I ordered the USS Argonaut to investigate.

It was M'Reh. She captured the runabout and its crew, returning the vessel to space laced with explosives and a Starfleet officer chained to the helm. Argonaut managed save the officer, in the nick of time. M'Reh made a run for Astraios Prime, cloaked, laying mines in her warp trail to damage any ship following.

I was at OPs, watching and listening. I had already deployed all our shuttles and runabouts into defensive postures, and the Astraios Civilian Authority had been requested to raise their planetary defence shield. The planet was safe, but the station... its shield could only withstand so much damage, still I was confident we could easily deal with one maverick Klingon warbird and its angry little captain.

Then science informed me of a strange energy reading in the system, and Ens Anjar reminded me of the consequences should this be the result of an isolytic burst. I withdrew our vessels to the other side of the planet and informed the Argonaut. Although now exchanging fire with the warbird, they approached the subspace breech and prepared to eject their core. M'Reh's ship, executing evasive maneuvers, suddenly found itself in the breech. It looked like they were trying to reverse engines but to no avail, they were drawn in. With the fate of Astraios System, SS Astraios and perhaps this area of the quadrant at sake, Argonaut ejected her warp core and fired upon it. The resulting explosion sealed the subspace tear... with the warbird in it. Whether she is dead or alive, M'Reh is no longer a threat to this time and this place.

The shockwave from the explosion did some damage to the station, and to Argonaut as well, but other than bumps and bruises everyone is safe and sound.

Now perhaps the Council will listen to me about the Dosi.

But I don't count on it.