Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate: 141001

Location: Astraios Colony

Ah, an evening in my garden is just what I need, preparing for the fall weather, tending my late-blooming flowers, cares at bay, Hars reading in his hammock...

Good news today from USS Neil Armstrong, Cmdr Markus and her crew succeeded in collapsing the gravimetric distortion and left the area, hopefully without detection. Wolf and the Prophetic have also left Varish IV, heading for the Bena'ali for some cloak and dagger work. T'Polo & the USS Temujin remain in the system to medicate the talks between the Apeiros factions, her mission is to facilitate their decision making process and find a way to satisfy their needs while removing their influence from the Varish people... whether this is possible or not I can't say... they have already inbred, creating a hybrid species. But there are many areas of Varish IV that are unsullied by the Apeiros influence, and it is these we would wish to preserve so the true Varishian may develop naturally without outside interference.

SS Astraios is still under repair after the attack by M'Reh, my chiefs are running battle drills and keeping the cadets on their toes in the Academy with simulations and flash exams.

The weather is now turning pleasantly cooler, a touch of rain in the air this evening. It feels like an oasis of peace after the constant threats and worries of the past few weeks.

It will be good to see my senior crew back again. I've missed them. They have some distance to travel but I expect they will be here in the next week or so.